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Lambeth speeds ahead on two wheels

Lambeth Council has unveiled its 1,000th secure on-street bike hangar parking space after adapting a unique Dutch model.

The spaces within the “bread-bin” Lambeth Bikehangars, which cost a small annual fee, have proved a huge success on the borough’s streets.

The hangars, which take up half a regular car parking space, are made by local cycling firm after a decision was taken to emulate a similar scheme in Holland.

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Cabinet member for Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This scheme has proved to be a huge success, with supply totally outstripping demand.

“We live in a crowded borough where lots of people live in flats and might not have enough space to have a bike in their home, so this is proving to be an excellent way of encouraging bike ownership. We have almost 100 per cent occupancy already, with hundreds more on the waiting list.”

The Bikehangar has become an award-winning design, offering a safe and effective outdoor option that protects bikes from the weather and theft. Each one can store up to six cycles on street.

In 2013 when the council wanted to boost cycling and offer safe and secure off-street storage there was found to be no UK equivalent to the Dutch model. So council officers, residents and a local cycling company Cyclehoop set off to come up with a local alternative.

The success of their solution has exceeded expectations and TfL funding was secured to meet demand.

The bike hangar is a low maintenance, metal structure, which blends well with parked cars and each one provides six bike parking spaces. A space currently cost £42 a year, covering maintenance and administration, which puts the service on a financially sustainable footing.

Cllr Brathwaite added: “We believe this scheme offers plenty of social and environmental benefits as it boosts cycling – which helps our residents get active, cuts air pollution, reduces congestion and makes streets safer.”

Lambeth developed the hangars with residents, with locals deciding locations, which has helped maximise use and minimise vandalism to them.

The impacts of the push to encourage cycling has coincided with a 10 per cent increase in bike ownership in the borough. Lambeth’s example has seen the scheme expand across London.



JB Bike pic

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, with cycle parking project manager Pawel Ryczan (left) and Anthony Lau, MD of hangar installers Cyclehoop.


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