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Potential redevelopment of the Brixton market trader car park

Lambeth council is considering an arrangement that would combine the site currently used as car parking for the market traders (accessed off Canterbury Crescent) with the former pub site next door, currently owned and being developed by May Developments.

By combining the two sites we should be able to increase the number of affordable homes, secure a more efficient, integrated development and deliver wider social benefits, such as improved public realm and the widening of Pope’s Road.

We have written to all traders to inform them of this development and set out how we will re-provide trader parking:

  • If the deal goes ahead it is expected that construction would start late 2017.
  • The proposed new larger development would include an off-street car park underneath it with the intention that the space would be used by market traders once built.
  • The council currently leases the site used for trader parking to the Brixton Market Traders Federation (BMTF) and would continue to do so until the site was needed for construction.
  • Once construction is underway, the trader parking spaces would be relocated to the Pope’s Road car park, accessed from Brixton Station Road. There would be no loss of trader car parking space as part of this relocation.
  • By developing this site first, while we have the Pope’s Road temporary car park available, it means we can seek to ensure consistent provision of parking for market traders.


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