Queens Walk lease

Lambeth council has published the report concerning the variation to the lease on the land at Queens Walk which would be required for the Garden Bridge south landing site.

The report outlines the proposed variation to the lease between Lambeth Council and Coin St Community Builders (CSCB)which is required in order for the construction of the landing stage, public toilets, disabled and other access to and from the bridge.

Under the proposal, the lease with CSCB would be amended to allow them to sublease the land to the Garden Bridge Trust(GBT). CSCB would not be permitted to sublease the land to anyone other than the GBT.

Development associated solely with the landing stage of the bridge would be permitted, with strict limits and controls on such development, subject to review and planning conditions.

The decision to vary the lease is one which can properly be taken by the relevant Cabinet member because a surrender of the existing lease and re-granting a new one is not required.


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