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Brixton meat trader guilty of ‘Smoke Goat’ charges

A Brixton based butcher,  Hassan Mohammed  of the KM Meat Shop in Electric Avenue has pleaded guilty to several charges after meat carcasses, unfit for human consumption were found at his shop.

Earlier this year, council officers, investigating flooding to food shops in Electric Avenue found three  meat carcasses in a cold store at the KM Meat Shop with the skin still intact, in breach of EU legislation.

Meat for human consumption must come from approved licensed premise that comply with hygiene regulations,  where the animal is slaughtered, its skin/hide removed and the meat carcasses examined for signs of disease. Only meat prepared in this way is passed fit for human consumption.

The carcasses found at KM Meat Store are generally produced illegally in unlicensed premise by killing/slaughtering sheep on the farm where whole carcasses are torched  or singed to remove the wool. This gives the meat a smoky flavour and is commonly known as ‘Smoke Goat’ meat.

Appearing at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court on November 6th, Hassan Mohammed pleaded guilty to the charges and was ordered to pay over £4,000 in fines and costs.


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