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Road closure review brought forward

Following feedback from residents and local councillors, Lambeth council will bring forward its planned review of the experimental road closures in Loughborough Junction.

The review had been planned to take place after 12 weeks, however it will now happen after eight weeks.

Traffic data will be examined and all feedback will be listened to – from ward councillors, residents, campaign groups and businesses. Dialogue is ongoing with representatives from Transport for London and the emergency services and their views will also inform the review.

Deputy Leader of Lambeth council, Cllr Imogen Walker, said: “An ambitious project such as this always provokes strong reaction and we have had lots of feedback, both positive and negative.

“Due to the clear strength of feeling, and after discussions with ward councillors in the area, we have decided to review the scheme earlier than we initially planned. This will involve gathering all the evidence, to decide how to proceed.

“Our aim for Loughborough Junction to be a safe, pleasant destination remains and is undoubtedly shared by the majority of local residents, as demonstrated by our widespread consultation prior to this project. We will ensure that proper consideration is given as to how we achieve this and we will be certain to publish all the evidence from our review.”

Vassall ward councillor, Paul Gadsby, said: “I have as a local councillor asked for this review to be brought forward so we can get a true picture of the impact the road closures are having on the area.

“I have had residents contact me with positive feedback about its impact which should not be discounted. However, councillors from Coldharbour, Herne Hill and Vassall have had a large amount of concern expressed to them by residents about how these closures are proceeding.

“It’s only right that we all have a proper look at this situation, with all the evidence in front of us, and examine the case for either proceeding with changes to make the scheme more effective or stopping this project completely.

“We all want to see Loughborough Junction a cleaner, safer and more pleasant place, and we need to be certain about the best way to do this.”

In a bid to create a thriving town centre without the constant traffic flow that sees up to 13,000 vehicles pass through on a typical week day Lambeth council closed a section of Loughborough Road on August 29, for six months.

Barrington Road, Calais Street, Padfield Road, Lilford Road and Gordon Grove were also subject to closures in order to minimise any knock-on congestion.

Traffic counts have been taken at 71 different locations in the surrounding area to measure the impact on neighbouring roads and repeat counts will be taken in key locations. This data will form part of the review, the results of which should be known in early November.

The road closures will remain in place throughout the review.



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