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Lambeth’s Local Plan

Councillors will discuss the new Lambeth Local Plan that sets out planning policies for the next 15 years when Cabinet meets on September 14th.

The plan, developed after extensive consultation, and approved by the government inspector, provides the framework for the growth in homes, jobs and infrastructure that Lambeth needs while recognising the very different challenges faced by contrasting areas such as West Norwood and Clapham.

It gives the council greater powers to seek affordable housing from more sites, restricting hot food take-aways close to primary schools and restricting bookmakers and pay day lenders in town centres.
The priorities for the borough which is experiencing massive growth and inward investment are:

• To make sure housing supply supports economic growth so local people are able to take advantage of the business and job opportunities.

• A focus for growth and development on Waterloo and Vauxhall and the borough’s town centres which must include housing in appropriate locations, and addressing the issues of transport and other physical infrastructure..

• The mix, balance and diversity of residential neighbourhoods should be maintained, with an
• emphasis on increasing choice in the type and location of affordable housing and keeping the existing requirement for 50 per cent affordable housing across Lambeth.

• Protecting employment land and supporting for community facilities to meet the changing needs of local people, including the need for extra school places.

Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cabinet member for Jobs and Growth said: “The Lambeth Local Plan gives us a really solid base to manage growth across the borough, retain our commitment to affordable housing and support for the local economy.Lambeth attracts billions of pounds worth of investment and we have been challenged to accommodate more growth , increasing housing by a further 30%.Lambeth is booming but we need to make sure there are houses, jobs, open spaces and other benefits for local people. This plan which has been approved by government will help us protect our heritage and shape our future.”
If the Lambeth Local Plan is adopted by Cabinet,it will go to full council on 23rd September.



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