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Lambeth roads go 20mph

As part of the aim to have the safest and greenest streets in the capital, all Lambeth’s roads are to be given a 20mph speed limit.

Roads under the control of Lambeth council will be given the new speed limit from November, with two major Transport for London (TfL) routes also seeing the new speed levels introduced.

Lambeth cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, said: “We want safer streets in Lambeth; streets where people enjoying living and working and where they feel safe to walk and cycle.

“A 20mph limit will reduce the number, and severity, of accidents on the roads and improve air quality by encouraging more sustainable modes of transport.

“Many of our roads are already 20mph – we have seen the benefits it brings and the majority of Lambeth residents want to see calmer traffic on their streets.

“It’s about people acting responsibly to make the borough a better place for everybody – and motorists have a part to play in that just as much as anybody else.”

Driving slower on residential roads has been proven to reduce traffic accidents, making the urban environment safer, not only for drivers but for vulnerable groups including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, which make up 80% of serious and fatal collisions.

The new speed limits will be marked with signs and road markings, rather than physical speed humps and cushions.

Lambeth council are in charge of the majority of roads in the borough, apart from the major routes into and around London, which are controlled by Transport for London.


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