Queens Walk consultation extension

Lambeth Council has announced an extension of the consultation deadline regarding the land where the Garden Bridge south landing would be.
On 19 May 2015 the council issued a notice letting people know that negotiations about the future of Queen’s Walk could take place if the Garden Bridge project does progress and has invited people’s views.
There are various parties with interests in the land required to build the bridge, including the Port of London Authority, Lambeth and Westminster. The Coin Street Community Builders has a leasehold interest in the land required for the south landing.
Any objections to the “Notice of Intention to dispose of Open Space” should be emailed to VAMS@lambeth.gov.uk by 16 June 2015. Please note that “disposal” is the technical and legal term for any changes to the lease arrangements which would include extending and renewing a lease. We are not proposing to sell the land. More information about the Garden Bridge can be found here



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