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Lambeth to target spitters after successful prosecution

Lambeth council officers are on the lookout for spitters as they begin to clamp down on the unacceptable behaviour.

Last week, Lambeth were vindicated in their first prosecution of a man found spitting in the street after he was fined £120 by the courts.

Now, officers will be quick to issue fixed penalty notices to those seen spitting in public.

Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, Cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, said: “Most people find spitting extremely unpleasant – both as an act and the mess it leaves on our streets.

“Offenders need to know that if our enforcement officers see anybody spitting in public, they will be facing a big fine.

“We’re determined to stamp out this behaviour, carried out by a minority of people, which the rest of us find disgusting.”

In October last year, Lambeth council issued a fixed penalty notice for spitting under current anti-littering legislation and the move was upheld by a judge last week, who ordered the offender to pay £120.

Last year, Lambeth council issued almost a thousand fixed penalty notices, with more than half given for littering. Other offences tackled by the council included illegal street trading, breaches of regulations for skips, obstructing the highway and urinating on the street.



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