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Waste strategy saves Lambeth £1m a year

Lambeth residents are producing an incredible 25% less rubbish and recycling nearly three times more food waste, just a year into the council’s new waste strategy, saving the council nearly £1m.

In October last year, Lambeth Council introduced smaller bins for properties and a food waste recycling system to encourage residents to cut the amount of waste produced in the borough.

Figures from April to August this year show that there is a quarter less waste than the same period last year – around 7,700 tonnes less rubbish a year if the trend continues – saving the council £724,000.

Separate food and green waste collection has increased from just 900 tonnes per year to 3,500 tonnes, saving the council £265,000, but through the council’s Do the Right Thing Campaign residents are being encouraged to cut the amount of food being discarded altogether.

Cllr Jenny Brathwaite, Lambeth cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, said: “It’s good news that our waste strategy is clearly working.

“These figures show that we can all reduce our waste, whether it’s recycling more or simply buying less of what we don’t need.

“While recycling the food waste is much better than throwing it in the bin, it would be great if we could stop wasting so much food in the first place.

“Reducing rubbish and food waste not only saves everybody a great deal of money but it is also good for the environment and helps us live in a more sustainable way.”

On average, a resident throws away £200 worth of food that could have been eaten every year – and that rises to £700 for the average family.  Lambeth’s Do the Right Thing campaign is offering tips on how residents can stop wasting so much food.

By planning meals better, shopping more sensibly, freezing food and using leftovers, people can save themselves money and reduce the amount of waste they produce for the council to collect.



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