Lambeth encourages residents to ‘Do the Right Thing’

Lambeth Council is launching its Do the Right Thing campaign in a bid to make the borough an even better place to live.

By encouraging people to make small changes to how they live – whether that’s families recycling more, individuals volunteering, businesses keeping rubbish off the streets, employers offering apprenticeships or even neighbours hosting a street party – Lambeth hopes to build a happier and healthier community.

Leader of Lambeth Council, Cllr Lib Peck, said: “The Do the Right Thing campaign is about taking pride in the place we live and everybody contributing together to make our borough a great place to be.

“We are always striving for the borough to be an even friendlier, cleaner and more aspirational place to be and we can all work together to achieve that. Whether it’s seeing some litter and picking it up or dedicating a couple of hours a week to volunteering, it makes a positive difference to Lambeth.”

There are already hundreds of people taking up the Do the Right Thing challenge; making Lambeth a better place to live and acting as role models for others to follow.

A great example of Doing the Right Thing comes at the Myatt’s Field North housing scheme where developers Higgins are employing apprentices who are learning valuable skills to equip them for a long and successful career.

The young apprentices train as electricians or plumbers, learn carpentry skills or work as trainee site managers and work on-site for four days per week with one day a week in college.

More Do the Right Thing inspiration comes from Lambeth Councillor Annie Gallop, who, with the help of fellow residents, turned a neglected patch of grass on the Cowley Estate in Brixton into a mini farm full of fruit and vegetables.

Social enterprise company Streetscape take on young people with a talent for horticulture and train them as expert gardeners, while the Lambeth Digi-buddies scheme has volunteers helping older people to get online.

There is also the Streatham Ice & Leisure Centre’s Senior Club which helps older residents keep fit and healthy and the ‘Best Before Project’, which encourages people not to waste food.



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