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Time capsule buried to celebrate Streatham’s new leisure centre

A time capsule with newspaper clippings, school work and sports teams’ memorabilia has been buried to celebrate the new Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre.

A similar capsule including old newspapers and council documents from the 1920s was discovered when building work began on the new centre which was opened in November.

Lambeth Council leader Lib Peck, teachers and pupils from Granton Primary School in Streatham and world champion ice dancer and local coach Diane Towler-Green MBE were all present for the burial on Wednesday.

Cllr Peck said: “We’re incredibly proud of our new leisure centre and it’s wonderful to get so many people involved in this moment of history.

“The items from Granton Primary School and the sports clubs, along with local newspapers, give a real insight into what life is like in Lambeth today.

“The time capsule from the 1920s was fascinating and I’m sure ours will cause as much interest when it’s found many years from now.

“This capsule burial and plaque is a great way to celebrate the hard work and cooperation in opening the new centre.”

The Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre was jointly funded by Lambeth Council and Tesco and, when the new West Norwood Leisure Centre opens later this year, will be one of three new facilities opening in Lambeth in three years after Clapham Leisure Centre in 2012.

The new time capsule was buried beneath a commemorative plaque near to the main entrance to the centre.


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