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‘We’ve listened and now we will act to improve older people’s housing in Lambeth’ – Cllr Dickson

On Monday 4th November 2013 Lambeth council’s cabinet will discuss ambitious proposals to improve the council’s Sheltered housing stock and raise the standards of older people’s housing in the borough.

The new report contains proposals to:

  • Make improvements to up to 17 sheltered housing schemes in Lambeth
  • Retain the Glebe and Carfax Place as Sheltered housing properties – rather than being rebuilt as Extra care housing
  • Bring every sheltered housing property in Lambeth up to a decent standard within 10 years. This should be completed in the first couple of years of the programme in line with Lambeth Housing standard

Councillor Jim Dickson, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said,

“Since January I and my colleague Jane Pickard have visited every sheltered housing scheme in Lambeth to hear the views of residents. We’ve listened and now we will act to improve older people’s housing in Lambeth. We want to bring every home in our sheltered housing schemes  up to a decent standard because older people deserve high quality homes to live in.

‘Our proposals are based on a crystal clear pledge; everyone who lives in older people’s housing in Lambeth will either have their homes improved or will be offered a more modern and accessible home nearby. Up to 17 sheltered housing schemes in Lambeth will see major improvements in the quality of housing and new extra care housing, enabling people to live independently to the end of their lives, will give people more choice.

‘These ambitious proposals are part of a £30million investment to enable older people in Lambeth to live long, healthy and independent lives..”

1.    Lambeth’s consultation on older people’s housing started on March 6th 2013 and ended on 7th June 2013.

2.    What is sheltered housing?
Sheltered housing means having your own flat in a purpose built block, or on a small estate, where all the other residents are older people (usually over 55). Most developments (or ‘schemes’) provide independent, self-contained homes with their own front doors. Sheltered housing generally benefits from the provision of a call alarm system which is monitored 24 hours a day and often provides access to support services available to residents, such as a warden, scheme manager or increasingly floating support. People living in Council provided sheltered housing have tenancy agreements.

3.    What is extra care housing?
Extra care housing offers older people the opportunity to remain independent in their own homes, but also to access 24 hour on-site care should they have need of it.  People can enter extra care housing when they are fit and mobile with the expectation that they can draw on care services as their circumstances change. People who live in extra care housing have their own self-contained homes, their own front doors, but extra care housing comes in many built forms, including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages. These developments are intended to bring together people of differing needs to create a more sustainable community. Extra care homes are homes for life that can adapt to a person’s changing needs as they grow older. It is a popular choice among older people because it can sometimes provide an alternative to a residential care home.

4. The report says that Lambeth is committed to retaining sheltered housing as an option but to develop more Extra care housing to available older people to give them more choice. Extra care is housing suitable for older people who may have a range of needs, from those who are active and independent to people who might need care or support as they grow older and which can often avoid the need for them to  move to a residential care home in later years.

5. More information about Lambeth’s proposals to improve older people’s housing in Lambeth: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk


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