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London’s toughest regime on under-age alcohol sales proposed

In a London-wide first Lambeth Council is proposing a one-strike and you’re out for policy for off-licenses that sell alcohol to kids.

Currently the council needed to prove three cases where the law had been broken before it can stop an off-license selling alcohol.

The move comes as Lambeth looks at using new laws to bring irresponsible pubs, nightclubs, late-night fast food joints and off-licenses into line.

Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Neighbourhoods, said: “We are adopting the one-strike and you’re out policy to protect young people in the borough.

“But further in Lambeth the sale of alcohol has reached unacceptable levels, fuelling violence and creating serious disturbance for our residents.

“The one-strike policy is just one part of a rebalancing of the way alcohol is sold here, and a move away from the old ‘anything goes’ approach.”

Lambeth’s new Licensing Policy also seeks to put the cost of cleaning up after drunk people onto the venues, improve women’s safety and give Lambeth residents more say about the venues in their neighbourhoods.

With more than 1,300 licensed venues, Lambeth is one of the London boroughs with highest number of bars, clubs, restaurants, late night take-aways and off-licenses.

Cllr Hopkins said: “These venues and businesses make an important contribution to the local economy, employing local people and creating wealth.

“That won’t stop, but if this new policy is adopted people will no longer be able to get a license to run a restaurant, and then turn it into a bar or club that creates a nuisance late into the night.

“We want Lambeth to keep its place as one of the best places in London to visit for a great meal or a fun night out. But we are going to be demanding better, more responsibly run pub, clubs and off-licenses.”

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