LamCo will transform the way local government communicates

Lambeth council announced on Wednesday (July 3) the creation of Lambeth Communications (LamCo). LamCo is a new company which will work with local authorities across the country to transform their communications.

LamCo will offer a unique service to local authorities:

1. Deliver exceptional communications. Lambeth’s communications team have been transformed in recent years, LamCo will use this valuable experience to help other councils improve the way they communicate.

2. Build long-term relationships based on collaboration and partnership. LamCo will use our impressive network of partners to deliver big improvements for their clients and more efficient services. These relationships will benefit Lambeth financially as all profits from LamCo will be used to fund council services.

3. Use our experience to communicate the political vision and priorities of local authorities.

Lambeth Communications was launched at the Local Government Association’s annual conference and the team are there talking to hundreds of figures from across local government in about transforming communications in their organisations throughout the week.

LamCo is led by Julian Ellerby, Director of Campaigns and Communications. He said: “We’ve launched Lambeth Communications today with a simple aim – we want to transform the way local government communicates. We’ve got a record to be proud of in Lambeth. What was once a failing and costly communications team has been completely turned around. We restructured the team and we re-focused our work. Now Lambeth runs eye-catching and award-winning campaigns alongside making over 80% savings in the communications budget since 2008.

“From conversations we have had with local authorities across the country it’s clear that there is a real demand for the services LamCo offers. It’s not about copying everything that Lambeth does in other councils. Every local authority has different needs, different priorities and different challenges, LamCo can offer a wealth of experience and strong network of partners in the private sector and in local government who can help councils improve the way they communicate.

“LamCo has major benefits for Lambeth. All profits from the trading company will be invested in council services and the development of strong network of partners in local government around the country will increase our ability to innovate.”

Cllr Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth council, said: “Lambeth Communications has been a massive success story. We have changed the way we communicate in Lambeth to deliver real and lasting benefits for thousands of our residents. For example, our campaign for more primary school places was supported by thousands of residents and achieved national attention and our work to raise awareness of changes to benefits led to a huge increase in the number of residents receiving advice about financial management.

“LamCo will use the experience we have gained in recent years to help other local authorities improve their communications.”

Lambeth council Chief Executive, Derrick Anderson said: “In 2006 Lambeth was on the road to recovery, but there were many underperforming services. Now many of our services are rated as ‘outstanding’. Lambeth’s communications team has played a vital role in the transformation of our organisation and is integral to our work to deliver better outcomes for residents.

“Lambeth council has clear cooperative values. Partnership and collaboration have been vital in the council’s journey of improvement.    I believe these values, allied to the experience and skills of the team provide LamCo with an extremely strong offer to local authorities who want to improve their communications.

“Lambeth has a huge amount to gain from this new venture. LamCo will create an additional income stream for the council which will provide more funding for services in a time of huge financial pressures. It will also aid the repositioning of Lambeth as a hub for new ideas and innovation from across the country as we build strong partnerships with a wide range of local authorities.”



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