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Local unemployed given jobs to make a greener borough

Lambeth council has helped six people into work improving the borough’s eco-credentials.

Social enterprise group Community Draught Busters (CDB) began a draught-proofing programme at the town hall in Brixton on Tuesday, May 7.

In keeping with the council’s More Jobs campaign, all council contracts contain commitments to create jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

Lambeth-based Community Draught Busters has trained six local people to carry out the work.

The work is part of Lambeth council’s Carbon Management Plan, which aims to reduce CO2 emission from its buildings and street lighting by a fifth in the five years to 2016.

It will improve the 1908 building’s heat efficiency by up to 10 per cent – reducing the amount of energy used and CO2 emissions.

Councillor Imogen Walker said: “I’m delighted this scheme is both creating new jobs and improving the council’s green credentials – saving money and cutting emissions.”

The job is due to take up to eight weeks and will see all doors draught-proofed and windows resealed.

CDB was set up three years ago, born out the Transition Town Brixton – a grassroots movement supported by the council to increase social stability, reduce oil dependency and limit the effects of climate change.

CDB has given draught-busting advice to 150 households to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce heating bills as part of The Green Doctor project.

It also carried out draft-proofing and window-sealing work at Brixton Tate Library.

Its community projects manager Yvonne Killen said: “Our focus is to reduce fuel poverty in the borough by helping people reduce their energy consumption giving the appropriate holistic advice to help them save money.

“By also recruiting those who are unemployed we are getting them back in to work and giving them the training to get into the jobs market.”

CDB employee Sid Liddall said: “It’s given me the opportunity to get more money and experience and learning from the situation while working with a team to accomplish a goal.”

Colleague Keith Morton said: “It’s meant it’s the first time I’ve been able to get some savings so I can plan for the future.”

The council helped set up CDB and continues to offer advice on its business structure and sources of external funding.

Other projects under the council’s Carbon Management Plan to be carried out in the next few months include fitting energy-efficient light bulbs and LED lighting in corridors in the town hall, Olive Morris and Ivor House, and thermostatic radiator valves in the town hall.



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