£1million for crime prevention projects announced

The Mayor of London has allocated more than £1million towards community safety projects in Lambeth from the £18million London Crime Prevention Fund, it has been announced.

Lambeth Council applied to the Mayor’s Office for Policing for £1.9million to run six projects designed to keep people safe in the borough, securing £1.08million for the 2013/14 financial year, up £90,000 on last year.

The money will be used to run four different projects, but two longer term anti-crime schemes to tackle offences such as burglary and serious youth crime have missed out on City Hall backing, and could stall unless the council finds alternative funding.

Cllr Jack Hopkins, Cabinet member for Safer and Stronger Neighbourhoods, said: “We have been lobbying hard to highlight community safety issues, especially through our 100 More Police campaign, as resident’s surveys consistently tell us crime is people’s number one concern.

“The Mayor has committed more than £1million to crime prevention projects, showing that the message is starting to get through. And while we welcome the backing for the specific projects – we also need support for longer term, proven, crime prevention work.

“Further, we are also calling on the Mayor to deliver 100 More Police for the borough. More than 2,500 people in Lambeth have already backed the campaign which demands a fair policing deal for the borough. Cllr Lib Peck, Lambeth Council leader, has spoken to Boris Johnson in person to highlight our need for an adequately policed borough and the importance of community safety to people in Lambeth.”

The 100 More Police campaign highlights concerns that borough officer numbers have fallen too low – from 1,058 in May, 2010 to 838 in December, 2012. Crime has been falling, but Lambeth still has the capital’s highest robbery rates, the highest volume of reported crime, apart from Westminster, and the highest levels of overall violence in London.

Cllr Hopkins said: “Working with the community we have already achieved real outcomes – including saving Gipsy Hill Police Station from closure – and we will continue to work hard to improve community safety and carry on lobbying alongside residents to get a fair deal for Lambeth.

“It remains crucially important that the Mayor of London puts enough police on the borough and adequately fund projects to cut crime.”



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