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More Lambeth children than ever get first choice primary school

Over 80 % of children in Lambeth have been allocated their first choice primary school and nine out of ten have got their first or second preference according to figures released today by Lambeth Council. The numbers represent an increase of almost 4% on last year.

Cllr Rachel Heywood, Cabinet member for Children and Families said: “This is great news for families who’ve been waiting to hear where their children will be going to school in September. What’s also really good to know is that Lambeth has made offers to every child whose application for a school place was on time.”

“We know there are some schools in the borough having to cope with overcrowding but the millions of pounds we’re investing in expansion and improvement will ease that so that even more children in Lambeth will be able to go to their first choice school.”

Children in Lambeth are more likely to attend a good or outstanding primary school than pupils in most other parts of the country, according to an Ofsted report last November which concluded that 84 per cent attend a primary school rated either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.

Despite the pressure on space at Lambeth primary schools, there are also enough vacancies to support late applications.

Today’s figures  also show a  5% increase in the number of Lambeth children remaining in a Lambeth primary school compared to 2012, a 3% increase in online applications and fewer children not made a preferred offer .


Notes to Editors
Table below shows breakdown of statistics and comparison between 2013 and 2012

2012    %    2013    %
Total home applications    3105         3104
Online applications    1872    60.30%    1968    63.40%

The number of reception places available in Lambeth primary schools
Places available    3173         3379

The preferences of the 2985 children, who were made a preferred offer
First preference offers    2413    78%    2537    81.73%
Second preference offers    315    10%    268    8.65%
Third preference offers    115    4%    107    3.45%
Fourth preference offers    57    2%    48    1.54%
Fifth preference offers    27    1%    18    0.57%
Sixth or lower preference offers    17    1%    7    0.23%

Comprehensive preferred and allocated offer data
No offers    161    5%    119    3.83%
Alternative offers    161    5%    119    3.83%
Vacant places    58         262

Home and other LA offer data
Total home LA offers    2712    87%    2850    92%
Total other LA offers    232    13%    254    8%



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