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Lambeth proposes controls on takeaways, bars and betting shops

Lambeth Council is asking residents whether they agree with its bold plans to limit takeaways, payday lenders and betting shops.

The council is also proposing to boost its ability to deliver the affordable housing the borough needs.

The ideas are contained in the draft for the Lambeth Local Plan – the document that will shape the authority’s planning strategy for the 15 years from 2015.

The borough will change dramatically in the future with major new investment expected, creating 32,000 jobs and more than 18,000 homes in the next 20 years.

The draft plan sets out how the council will manage that change and residents are invited to share their views on its proposals during the consultation period which ends on April 26.

Cllr Pete Robbins said: “The plan is one the most important documents in the council. It sets the shape of the borough until 2030, influencing the nature of our high streets, the future of our housing and how we support growth so that it benefits residents of Lambeth.”

“Getting as many new affordable homes as possible for the borough is a vital part of this council’s business and the Local Plan sets out our goals.”

Under Lambeth’s proposals, when considering new applications:
• New takeaways would be refused within 400m of any school outside a town centre.
• No more than a quarter of town centre shops should be bars, pubs or restaurants outside of Waterloo and Vaxuhall (which are part of central London)
• All the powers available to the council would be used to limit the number of betting shops, money-lenders or pawn brokers opening in town centres.

Councillor Robbins said: “These are bold plans to battle childhood obesity and manage our night-time economy. People are concerned about the number of betting shops, money lenders and pawnbrokers on our high streets.”

“ We’ve little room for manoeuvre over limiting payday money lenders because of national planning law, so we are joining other local authorities in calling on the Government to give us greater powers to work with residents to deliver the high streets they want and in the meantime, will use the limited power we do have to the fullest effect.”

The council is also proposing to change the way it approaches its priority to have half of all new homes in the borough be affordable.

Under the changes, Lambeth would consider allowing the affordable homes aspect of a development to be built 10 minutes’ walk away if it meant more affordable homes could be built. Currently they have to be on the same site.

It would also require developments of fewer than 10 homes to make a financial contribution to the provision of affordable housing . Lambeth council would like to see 40 per cent of affordable homes built of family size.

Residents are invited to comment on the Local Plan proposals in a number of ways:

Via the council’s website at http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/localplan

The draft plan is available at any Lambeth library, Lambeth Town Hall and at the ground floor of Phoenix House, where planning officers will be on hand to answer questions on Tuesdays between 2pm and 5pm.

Civic, friends and residents groups can invite council officers to speak at their meetings.

For more information, residents can call 020 7926 1212 or email localplan@lambeth.gov.uk or visit http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/localplan




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