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‘Killing with Kindness’ – Launch of Lambeth’s anti-begging appeal

Food lovers flocking to Brixton Village from Lambeth and beyond are being urged not to ‘kill with kindness’ by giving to beggars who badger them for money.

Local cafe owners, stall holders, Lambeth Council and police are working together to make sure that the success of Brixton Village isn’t marred by beggars hassling people while they’re eating. The Village, boasts an eclectic range of cafes and food stalls, has been hailed as one of the most exciting gastronomic communities in London, attracting visitors from across the capital and further afield.

At lunchtime on Friday, March 1st, representatives from Lambeth Council and the local Safer Neighbourhood Team will be in Brixton Village to launch the, ‘Killing with Kindness’ campaign and support local restaurateurs who are fed up with beggars hassling diners. They’ll be running the first ‘pop-up’ community safety  stall – a scheme that’s due to be expanded across the borough to give residents and traders direct access to information and advice.


Cllr Jack Hopkins said,

“People who give money to beggars may not realise they’re helping fuel drug and alcohol abuse in Brixton which, in turn, leads to other crimes.

‘We want to send a message that Brixton’s not a place for easy pickings and there’s no place for beggars by the burgers, burritos or bagels. We want to support the creativity and entrepreneurship that’s made Brixton Village such a great destination for food lovers and make sure that local residents and visitors feel safe at all times.’


Ann Corbett, Assistant Director of Community Safety added,

“Brixton Villaqe is a great success story and a vibrant part of the borough. People shouldn’t feel harassed or intimidated by beggars so our advice is to not give any money. If you want to help, give to a charity and that way you know your money’s not going to buy drugs or alcohol.”



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