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Lambeth steps up public awareness campaign on benefit cuts

Lambeth council have launched a major new phase of their campaign today to raise awareness amongst residents of the impact of the government’s cuts to benefits.

On Friday 15th February 2013 Lambeth council is writing directly to 36,000 households who currently receive council tax benefit to warn them about changes to the support they currently receive.

In November 2012 Lambeth council decided to protect vulnerable groups who were affected by the council tax benefit cuts, including war widows and homeless families. Across Lambeth up to 1 in 6 Lambeth residents will be affected by government benefit cuts.

Cllr Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council said,

“We are deeply concerned that thousands of residents are still unaware of the big changes to benefits which will result in a big cut in their household income from April 2013.

Over 20,000 households in Lambeth face big reductions in financial support as a result of the government’s reduce funding for Council tax support.

‘To raise awareness amongst our residents who are affected by the council tax benefit cuts we are writing to 30,000 households today to ensure they are aware of the changes and to offer them advice and support.

‘We believe that a responsible local authority has a duty to provide information, support and advice to its residents about important matters which may affect their income and quality of life.”

1. Copy of Lambeth’s council tax benefit cuts letter & envelope ATTACHED

2. The impact of benefit cuts on Lambeth residents:

  • Council tax benefit – 20,000 households affected
  • Disability Living Allowance is being abolished – 9,000 people in Lambeth will be affected
  • Housing Benefit criteria is being changed in relation to the number of occupied bedrooms in a property – 4000 households in Lambeth will be affected
  • A new Cap on Housing Benefit is being introduced later in the year – 667 households in Lambeth will be affected (mostly families) with an average shortfall of £94 per week.

3. Lambeth’s campaign to raise resident’s awareness about benefit cuts includes the:
Unveiling of 46 large advertising posters across the borough (Wednesday 30th January 2013)
30,000 direct mail letters sent to affected residents affected by the various benefit changes (15th February 2013).
Launch of a new quarterly magazine, Benefit Focus, for residents on benefit changes, employment opportunities and responsible money management.
Delivery of information posters to schools, children’s centres, doctor’s surgeries, advice centres, council buildings, libraries (January and February 2013).
First ever Lambeth Family Finance Fair – to give advice to residents on their finances, jobs and benefit changes (9th March 2013).

4. Lambeth’s benefits campaign – More here >>


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