You’re hired! Lambeth appoints Apprenticeships Coordinator

Lambeth council has appointed it’s first ever apprenticeships coordinator to tackle the growing crisis of youth unemployment and to help young people in Lambeth get into work. Janine O’Connor, who has a background in private sector recruitment, will connect local businesses in Lambeth with young people looking for work. She will work with jobless young Lambeth residents to help them get that first foot on the jobs ladder.
The new appointment is part of Lambeth’s ‘More Jobs’ campaign, which aims to help residents who are looking for employment. Lambeth is providing advice for residents on training, working with businesses to create employment and apprenticeship opportunities and supporting local entrepreneurs who want to start up and develop a business. To contact Lambeth’s Apprenticeships Coordinator, please email: apprenticeships@lambeth.gov.uk
Janine O’Connor said: “It’s really tough these days for young people with the increased cost of going to university and the high rate of unemployment.  An apprenticeship offers a young person invaluable work experience, practical on the job stuff with the support from the employer and training provider. It gives them the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised work-based qualification whilst earning money all at the same time. An apprenticeship can open doors and unlock fantastic future prospects for our local residents.’
Cllr Jackie Meldrum, Lambeth Council’s Cabinet lead for Employment and Business, said: “Janine O’Connor has a vital job in encouraging businesses to offer jobs to young people, seeking out apprenticeship opportunities and giving local young people the advice they need to get their feet on the first rung of the jobs ladder. This appointment shows our commitment to tackling unemployment and our determination to bring more jobs and growth to Lambeth.”

For information on Lambeth’s More Jobs campaign click here


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