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Lambeth juniors learn about road safety

Junior Road Safety Officers from Lambeth schools attended a conference at Vauxhall Primary School on Thursday 7 November 2012.  The group of 50 Lambeth schoolchildren had been appointed by their schools to be Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) who have the job of promoting messages about road safety and sustainable transport to their peers and the wider school community, including parents and teachers.

The conference gave the young road safety officers from 15 Lambeth schools the opportunity to brainstorm ideas about the ways in which they tackle road safety issues in their local neighbourhood.

Speaking at the conference, Cllr Pete Robbins, Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, said:

“Junior road safety officers are doing excellent work in Lambeth to help spread the message about the best way to keep people safe on the roads.  I’d like to thank them for all their hard work in setting an example to other road users in the borough.

“We currently have 20 Lambeth primary schools with active road safety officers and it would be great to see more young people getting involved in this vital road safety initiative.”

As well as sharing ideas for future activities, the JRSOs took part in road safety quizzes, designed a high-visibility accessory and made posters to advertise safe travel outside the school. They also worked with police to measure traffic speeds using a speed gun.

After a buffet lunch, the children were given JRSO badges and files and returned to their schools tasked with a competition to design a banner to promote walking or cycling to school.  The winning banner design will be turned into a real banner and distributed to all Lambeth primary schools.

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