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Lambeth set for ‘biggest change to local government in a generation’

Leader of Lambeth Council, Cllr Steve Reed, has welcomed a new report which sets out a series of major changes to the way that the council operates in order to give more power to people over local services and decisions which affect their communities.

The newly published report, Cooperative Council: Next Steps in Organisational Transformation, sets out a series of changes to the way the council works. Over the coming 18 months the structure of Lambeth council will change, moving away from traditional council departments and towards a new structure which focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for its’ residents.

Cllr Reed said: “This report sets out major changes to the way the council will operate in the future and it clearly demonstrates our commitment to put people at the centre of everything the council does.

“It’s a big change in the way that the council will work but I believe it’ll be a big change for the better. We’re determined to transform the way the council works so that services which people rely on everyday like housing, youth services or care for the elderly meet the highest possible standards.

“To do that we’re reshaping the council over the next 18 months. Instead of the traditional council departments, there’ll be a new structure in the council which is 100% focused on delivering for people in Lambeth. It’s one of the biggest changes in local government in a generation and will give people the power they need to enable them to make the changes they want to see in their communities.”

To read more visit www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=225&MId=8108.



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