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A new website for Lambeth – tell us what you think

We’re building a new website for Lambeth and we want to know what you think, both about our current website and also the new site that we’re building.

This is a collaborative and cooperative project which will include residents and businesses in the development and shaping of a website for the borough.

Rather than spending months building the site and then launching it in a big bang, we’re building it step by step, bit by bit, and making it better as we go. This means we will have two sites live at the same time, the new test site (also known as an alpha site) at http://dev.lambeth.coop as well as www.lambeth.gov.uk, the current Lambeth website. We’ll be listening to your suggestions and continuously improving the new site and eventually the old site will be shut down.

If you want any up to date information on Lambeth Council services always visit www.lambeth.gov.uk as all the content on http://dev.lambeth.coop is draft information.

We know we need to do some work on deciding what the site is for and this is difficult when we have so many site users with so many different needs – we had more than 190,000 unique visitors to the site in September alone – looking at over 3,000 pages of information.

So please get in touch with us and tell us what you think of our current website? Why do we need a website and what sort of information would you like to see on it? What do you find most useful on the current site? What is most frustrating? What one thing would you change?

If you have any thoughts on this, or anything else, then please get in touch:

  1. Leave a comment on our blog at www.madeinlambeth.co.uk where you can also read more about the project
  2. Email us at webteam@lambeth.gov.uk
  3. Come along to one of our drop-in sessions at Brixton Library on Friday 2 and Friday 9 November, between 11am-1pm (more sessions to be arranged)


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