Tenants asked ‘work with us to transform your estates’

People living in Cressingham Gardens will have a unique opportunity to decide the future of their estate after Lambeth Council announced it was part of a major estate regeneration programme.

Lambeth Council has identified a number of housing estates where residents could play a major role in transforming their local neighbourhoods.

Cressingham Gardens is among the first wave of estates. It was chosen because it’s currently very expensive to maintain and suffers from a number of structural issues, which would not be solved by short term repairs or patching up exercises.

The estate regeneration programme will be debated by Lambeth Council’s Cabinet on October 22.

Councillor Lib Peck, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategic Housing, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for people living on these estates to work alongside us to improve them. This is not about finding short term fixes, but identifying long term improvements to transform the estates and make people proud to live on them.

“We are determined that anyone living on one of these estates is given the opportunity to have a voice in how it’s done. This is residents working with us to identify the issues, identify the options, shape those options, and agree how this work happens.

The result will be improved estates, better homes and stronger communities.”

On Cressingham Gardens, Cllr Peck added: “Many of the homes in Cressingham Gardens do not meet the standards we would expect for our residents and small investment is unlikely to bring them up to a significantly better standard. That is why we are working with residents to decide how best to regenerate the estate.

“I want to reassure people that we are not interested in doing anything to the estate that doesn’t command the confidence and support of its residents. We want to work with residents to realise the best for the estate and believe this is an excellent opportunity for people living on the estate to work with us to improve it.”

This estate regeneration programme is being delivered alongside the Lambeth Housing Standard, which is a £500 million project over five years to improve facilities within our social housing.

This programme – which went to Lambeth Council’s Cabinet in October – will focus on those estates where the costs of delivering the Lambeth Housing Standard will not address the condition of properties or address other issues related to them. Following an assessment of estates across the borough, ranking took place to decide which ones needed most attention. The council has identified a number, which will benefit from works.

Estate regeneration has the potential to provide residents with safe, new modern homes which meet their needs. It also provides an opportunity to put in place new community facilities where they didn’t exist before, like parks and green spaces; or community centres with services like childcare and family support being delivered from them. Combined, the Lambeth Housing Standard and the Estate Regeneration Programme will see neighbourhoods across the borough transformed; not purely in terms of the condition of housing but in terms of the quality of the places; promoting vibrant and sustainable communities where people are proud to live and work.




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