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New ‘Lambeth Giving Fund’ launched by Archbishop of Canterbury

Cllr Peter Truesdale, Cllr Julia Memery; Cllr Sally Prentice; Jane Mallet; Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

A NEW fundraising scheme that will directly help some of Lambeth’s most inspiring local charities and community projects has been officially launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

The Lambeth Giving Fund is a new initiative that is being created to help some of Lambeth’s most dedicated charitable groups. It was the brainchild of a cross party group of Lambeth councillors including Cllr Sally Prentice, Cllr Peter Truesdale and Cllr Julia Memery, who wanted to make it easier for local people to support local charities. It will be administered by the experienced local charity based in Lambeth, the London Community Foundation.

People who give to the fund will know that their donation is going directly to support charities that provide vital help to people living in Lambeth. The groups selected to receive support have all been identified because they are making a significant difference to the life of vulnerable people on the ground in Lambeth, and are making real improvements to the local Lambeth community.

The Fund will raise money for six local charities in Lambeth which all work either with young people at risk, improve the quality of life of the borough’s older residents, or support people with mental health problems.

They include the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton that helps disadvantaged young people through riding, Stockwell Good Neighbours, a club which provides a vital meeting place for older people, and Mosaic Clubhouse that gives people with severe mental ill health vital work skills. A full list of the six charities is provided below

In his speech formally launching the Fund, Dr Rowan Williams said:

“The three focal points of the charities that are involved here are absolutely crucial in our life in this city and in this neighbourhood at the moment. They are about dealing with young people’s aspirations, they’re about challenging the stigmatising and isolating of people with mental health challenges, and they’re about keeping older citizens fully integrated into the community and securing a real quality of life for them. All of these things are so vital for a good working society at large and a good working neighbourhood. That’s why I’m so enthused that these are the three focal points.”

“I’m very pleased indeed that Lambeth Palace has been able to open its doors this morning, to welcome you here and to assure you of our prayer and whole hearted support, for what you’re doing in the wider community.“

For further information on Lambeth Giving Fund, and to donate, please visit www.lambethgivingfund.org.uk

The Mayor of Lambeth, Clive Bennett, and Chief Executive, Derrick Anderson were also present at the launch.

The Lambeth Giving Fund was officially launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams at Lambeth Palace on Thursday October 4th.

The charities that will benefit from the Lambeth Giving Fund are:

Ebony Horse Club

Ebony Horse Club is a community riding centre for children and young people located in Brixton. Most of the young people come from disadvantaged backgrounds with low aspirations and few opportunities. Through riding they learn to control their own behaviour, work with the other riders, and take responsibility for their actions. Staff double up as youth workers and help young people through any personal issues that they might face. Ebony Horse Club has a waiting list of young people wanting to learn to ride.


YourStory helps young people who have a poor school record or have been involved in crime to build a vision of a more positive future. They teach academic and vocational skills to small groups, and they partner young people with mentors for 1:1 support. Success means something different for each of their young people. It could be staying at school and improving their attitude, helping their family to take an interest in their education, or finding a new skill that could lead to a successful career.

Acre Lane Hostel

The Acre Lane hostel is home to 35 adults with medium-to-high mental health problems, including personality disorders, manic depression and a history of self-harm. It is a stable and supportive environment from which residents can eventually move into independent living. Through a mixture of confidence building and supported work placements, residents are helped to overcome poverty, depression and cycles of destructive behaviour.

Stockwell Good Neighbours

Stockwell Good Neighbours is an older person’s club who meet once or twice a week to share a meal, socialise and keep fit and healthy. They meet in the bright and busy café of the Oval House Theatre, filling it with laughter, domino games, bingo calls, zumba classes and the sounds of their famous choir.

Basaira Elderly Centre

Basaira is renowned for providing healthy lunches (and a very warm welcome) to older people in the local community. Many of the older people live alone and suffer

from disabilities and illnesses that leave them isolated and vulnerable. They attend Basaira events to give purpose to their week, socialise with others and keep fit with Basaira’s popular exercise class.

Mosaic Clubhouse

Mosaic Clubhouse is a centre for people with severe and enduring mental ill-health. Mosaic believes that everyone has the potential to be productive. Members gain work skills and confidence in a positive environment, spending the day as a valued team member rather than as a patient in a hospital or an isolated individual at home.






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