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Lambeth Council pledges Cleaner Streets, Safer Communities and More Jobs

Councillor Steve Reed launching the campaigns

The Leader of Lambeth Council has pledged to make improving the environment, tackling crime and helping residents find work his top three priorities as he launched three new council campaigns “Cleaner Streets”, “Safer Communities”, and More Jobs”.

These campaigns focus squarely on the issues that matters most to local Lambeth people. Recent surveys show that concerns about the environment, crime and lack of employment are regularly at the top of residents’ lists of priorities.

Announcing the campaigns, Councillor Steve Reed, leader of Lambeth Council, said: “When I speak to residents at surgeries or on the street, more often than not, they tell me the same things. They want to live in communities which are safe and free from crime; they want to live in good quality homes where their streets are clean and tidy, their rubbish collected on time and their roads and pavements well maintained. And, more and more often, I’m told about the difficulties people face finding work or coping with reducing family incomes where benefits are being cut.

“We are putting these three issues at the very heart of everything we do, and saying very clearly that this is what Lambeth Council stands for and this is what we are working to achieve.”

A range of initiatives and projects are being developed across the council that will help make these pledges become a reality over the coming months. The campaigns are being promoted with banners on the side of the council’s waste fleet and on the council website from this month, so Lambeth residents know that the council is focussing on the issues that mean the most to them.

The Cleaner Streets campaign will aim to work with residents to keep streets and pathways tidy, maintained and free of litter and waste and keep neighbourhoods green and attractive. The council will shortly announce its biggest ever commitment to improving the boroughs roads and pavements with a new £20 million investment programme to improve hundreds of streets. The campaign will also seek to build on the success of the council’s award winning Community Freshview initiative that sees local people work with the council to take action to improve their neighbourhood, and aim to get more people involved in their area, as well aiming to change the way the council works with local people on developing schemes such as 20 mph zones. It will also aim to further increase recycling rates and drive down problems like graffiti and littering.

Our ‘Safer Communities’ campaign will give people more control over the council’s work with the police to reduce crime and the fear of crime. It will work with residents to make their communities places where they feel safe and secure, and are confident about reporting any issues of concern to the council. Already the council has been working with the police to address the problem of anti-social street drinking with a new voluntary scheme with local off licences, and over the coming months new initiatives will be unveiled to target burglary, and work more closely with local communities to tackle the problem of gangs.

The ‘More jobs’ campaign is about working with those in need of work and encouraging local businesses to provide more apprenticeships and training. It aims to help residents who are looking for employment; work with businesses to create employment and apprenticeship opportunities; and encourage entrepreneurialism by offering support to those who want to set up on their own.

Cllr Reed added. “At the heart of all these campaigns is our desire to work more closely with local people, to give them more control over their own lives. This will mean all of us working together to achieve results, whether it by encouraging more people to get involved in improving their local communities through Community Freshview, working more closely with people on estates to tackle problems around gangs, or creating better links with local businesses to create and encourage apprenticeships for young people.

“These campaigns are all part of our work to become a cooperative council – giving residents more control over the decisions that affect their lives and their communities.”

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