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Get involved and you’ll feel better – your chance to get the health services you want

We would love to welcome you at our Health & Wellbeing Board on Monday 15 October at the Town Hall.

This is a chance to meet and talk through issues around health and healthcare – something that is important for all of us.

Our aim is to make sure we can all be healthy and live healthy lives knowing we have the services we need. The meeting is called the Health and Wellbeing Board, which sounds quite formal but is about getting local people, the council and health services to work together. It would be great to come up with ideas about how we can really improve health and make sure we are not missing a trick in our planning. That is why we would love you to come along.  

If you can get there for 6pm we will be chatting about local health issues and some of the plans that we would like to put in place. We then have a more formal meeting from 7pm that you are welcome to stay for. There are lots of issues to discuss such as what we can do to help tackle obesity, how we look after older people and planning our resources and efforts.  

If you want to come and take part, please simply turn up on the evening.

Please feel free to contact Tim Stephens (tel: 020 7926 2754; email: tstephens@lambeth.gov.uk) for any further information or assistance. For instance you can send in a written question if you can’t make the meeting and Tim can tell you more about how it works.

Some of you may be interested to know exactly who gets to be on a board like this. It actually includes the Executive Directors from the council responsible for children’s services and adult social care, the Director of Public Health, local councillors, GPs, the Chief Executive of Guys and St Thomas’s and a representative from Lambeth LINk. It is chaired by the Cabinet member for Health and Well Being, Councillor Jim Dickson. You can learn more about Health and Wellbeing Boards and their role in improving health visit:


If you can’t make this meeting there will be future opportunities to get involved but even if you can only make part of the evening you are more than welcome to come along.



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