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Lambeth residents celebrate 150th Community Freshview

Lambeth residents had a lot to shout about and feel proud of on Sunday 23 September at the party to celebrate reaching the 150thCommunity Freshview project and achieving 1,500 days worth of community-led work to brighten up their streets.

Josephine Avenue residents celebrate 150th Community Freshview

The 150th Community Freshview brought neighbours who participated in clean up projects across the borough to Josephine Avenue in Brixton to celebrate this milestone.

A party took place where residents staged an awards ceremony hosted by Councillor Pete Robbins, Lambeth’s Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services.  After the formalities, residents enjoyed a putting tournament, table tennis, a snowman game, live music and a barbecue.

To date, volunteers working on 150 Community Freshview projects across Lambeth have come together to dig tree pits in their street, prune bushes and shrubs, paint front walls and remove graffiti, build on-street planters and window boxes and clear and recycle waste debris. 

Residents have:

  • Generated around 1,500 days worth of voluntary work carried out by 30 double-decker busloads full of residents and neighbours (60 per bus);
  • Used the weight of 15 elephants’ worth of compost (75000kg/75 tonnes);
  • Dug 150 on-street tree pits;
  • Transformed more than 5km of streets and made them tidier, cleaner and safer;

Councillor Pete Robbins, Lambeth’s Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, said:

“We want more residents, in every street across Lambeth to get involved in running their own Community Freshview to help make their streets, cleaner, greener and safer.

“Whether you want to brighten up a green space, give a facelift to a disused plot of land or any other activity that improves your local environment, we will help you do it.

“If you belong to a community group of friends and neighbours who want to improve the environment in your neighbourhood, we can offer you equipment, expertise and some extra helping hands.”

Victoria Lange, Josephine Avenue resident said:

“The Lambeth Freshview events have proved an amazing opportunity to work together as a community.

“These days are about meeting your neighbours, rolling up your sleeves and taking pride in your street. Friendships are formed, and skills and knowledge are shared – all with the help and willing support of the generous Lambeth Freshview team and its affiliates.

“Over the long term we are able to create a beautiful neighbourhood that reflects the care and attention felt by its residents.  And of course there is always lots of tea and cake involved too! “

Community Freshview is now part of Lambeth Council’s Cleaner Streets campaign, launched in September 2012 with a £20million programme of environmental improvements to roads and pavements, across the borough, as well as neighbourhood schemes to calm traffic, encourage walking and cycling, cut street clutter and plant more trees.

Some case studies demonstrating what local people have already achieved with their Community Freshviews include:

  • Friends of Unigate Wood in Streatham approached the Council asking for help to improve the area and a volunteer day was organised and the team removed a skip-load of rubbish from the wood. The group later worked hard to create paths and clearings in the wood.


  • Tierney Road: Residents decided to take action over a messy flower bed that had long been used as a dumping ground resulting in three and a half tonnes of dumped rubbish, litter, overgrown hedges and weeds from the street being removed.  A new community garden was created and the work led to new friendships among local residents, resulting in them forming their own group called Tierney Road Organisation of Guerrilla Gardeners (TROGGs). The improvement in the local environment has also stopped a lot of dumping in the area.


  • Lanercost Road Play Area

Lanercost Road play area is a children’s park used by local residents as well as the wider community in Streatham Hill. Although well-used, residents wanted to improve safety on the park and brighten it up to encourage more people to use the space.  Residents also helped brighten the park up, painting railings, guard

railing on windows, vents and concrete ducts which made a real impact. Overall, through the work of the residents and donations from contractors almost £6,000-worth of work was done on the play area – all for free.

 Notes to editors

  1. Community Freshview is an award-winning scheme that has helped to give Lambeth’s streets a new lease of life as residents join forces with the Council to makeover their local areas and give them a cleaner, greener, safer look.  For more information see: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Services/Environment/GetInvolvedToImproveYourNeighbourhood/CommunityFreshview.html
  2. Residents who want to know how they can get involved in running their own Community Freshview should visit: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/Services/Environment/GetInvolvedToImproveYourNeighbourhood/CommunityFreshview.html


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