Government plans threaten residents’ privacy

Lambeth Council will oppose government plans to change planning rules, council leader Steve Reed said today.

The Government wants to scrap rules that prevent potentially ugly and oversized extensions being built that overlook neighbours’ private property.  Under the new proposals, residents will lose the right to comment on or object to new developments.  Lambeth Council Leader Councillor Steve Reed said the plans will blight residential areas and threaten people’s privacy while devaluing their homes.

Cllr Steve Reed said: “Residents in Lambeth are angry that the Government is proposing a planning free for all.

”The planning rules exist to protect neighbours from potentially ugly and intrusive extensions that overlook their own gardens or block views from their homes.  Scrapping these rules removes a vital safeguard and will lead to more disputes between neighbours.

“The planning system needs to be open and accountable. This is a serious mistake, the Government must quickly perform a u-turn and abandon these plans.  If they force through the changes then Lambeth will do everything we can within the law to refuse to implement them.  We will not let the Government walk all over people in our borough who are entitled to the peace and privacy of their own homes and gardens.”

Lambeth will work with all other councils who have declared their opposition to the Government’s proposals.

The Government’s plans would allow homeowners to be able to build out as far as 26ft without permission, and without any right for neighbours to be consulted.




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