Plans to save millions from reorganisation of council buildings

Lambeth Council is seeking a development partner for a project that will save millions by dramatically reducing the amount of office space the authority uses.

It is estimated that the council could save up to £4.5 million a year under the scheme.

The authority has pledged that cash saved will go invested in Lambeth’s schools, roads and housing.

The council hopes to create a new centre around the town hall in Brixton that includes facilities for council officers, entrepreneurs, local businesses and community groups to use the same space.

Provisionally called the SW2 Enterprise Centre, it would create council buildings that are both cheaper and more productive.

Under the proposal the town hall would be refurbished and continue to be used as part of the SW2 Enterprise Centre.

Cllr Paul McGlone, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, said: “A major element of the changes is reducing the cost of the council’s office accommodation.

“By selling offices we no longer need the council will be able to generate enough money to bring the remaining offices up to a better standard.

“It will also maximise the efficiency of the remaining offices and provide savings that can go back into delivering services for local people.

“The SW2 Enterprise Centre proposal is also about changing the space so we can fit more people in; which in turn, saves money.

“If we can also provide space for community projects at the same time we can help them flourish at no extra cost to residents.”

For more information visit www.enterprise-sw2.com.



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