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Councils move toward making saving by sharing services

Lambeth has joined with five other ambitious London councils to develop plans to reduce running costs and protect services by sharing technology.

The London Boroughs of Barking & Dagenham, Brent, Lambeth, Lewisham, Havering and Croydon will be implementing the same version of Oracle (release 12)*.

The technology will allow the councils to share HR, finance, payroll, pensions and procurement systems across all six boroughs as part of ‘Project Athena’.

The programme is expected to generate combined savings of around £6million and the councils have jointly appointed Capgemini to implement Oracle R12.

Oracle R12 is a single online database that manages businesses’ human resources, finance, payroll and procurement functions. This means that employees are able to request leave, pay for services and manage budgets though one database and online reporting tool, rather than using several systems or through spreadsheets.

The procurement exercise, led by Lambeth Council and supported by all partnering authorities, allowed the councils to negotiate a better price for the Oracle system including licences, as well as pay a single price for Capgemini to carry out the implementation.

Cllr Paul McGlone, Lead Member for Finance at Lambeth Council said:

“This is a common sense solution for councils that have common needs. We all have similar support functions, like HR, finance and procurement and if we have one way of doing them we streamline our processes, save costs and protect our services for residents.

“This system not only cuts our running costs but improves our systems, reduces paper work and makes it easier for our suppliers to do business with us.”

Suzy Foster, Head of Local Government at Capgemini UK, said:

“We have helped many public sector bodies improve services to the public and save money by streamlining their IT and business processes. We are now delighted to have the opportunity to deliver these same benefits in the greatest city in the world.”

Detailed plans for implementing the Oracle R12 system will take place over the next few months. Each of the six councils is committed to implementing the same version of the standard system which means there is little need for expensive changes and maintenance.

The  project has been part funded and supported by Capital Ambition and is part of the pan London Athena programme which seeks to implement  and converge  IT and business processes across London resulting in significant savings for London taxpayers.




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