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Get recycling for National Recycle Week

Two people recyclingFor most of us, recycling at home has become second nature but how much do you recycle when you’re out and about?

National Recycle Week takes place from 18 to 24 June and aims to get us all to think again about recycling both at home and away.

Wherever you are in the borough, you’ll find opportunities to recycle, so whether it’s an empty drinks bottle or a broken kettle – you can recycle it in Lambeth!

Local recycling points

There are over 28 local recycling points around the borough where you can recycle a range of materials including:

  • all materials accepted in your orange sack or estate recycling bin
  • small electrical items
  • textiles and shoes
  • books
  • CDs and DVDs.

To find your nearest site and see what you can recycle there,  visit our local recycling point webpage.

Commuter recycling bins

You will find recycling bins at 14 of the main train and tube stations in the borough. Please use these to recycle your newspaper or magazine once you’ve read it.

Lambeth libraries

Did you know that you can now recycle household batteries at your local library? Don’t forget that you can also collect orange sacks from all libraries if you have run out.


Most supermarkets now have recycling facilities in their car parks and many of the larger stores now accept plastic bags for recycling. Alongside plastic bags, you can also recycle other plastic film such as bread bags, wrappers for toilet and kitchen roll and multi-pack wrappings, such as baked beans and drinks cans.

Recycling at home

Are you recycling everything you can? This recycle week, have a look at what you’ve thrown away and see if you can recycle any more.

For instance, did you know that you can know recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays alongside plastic bottles. This includes yoghurt pots, ice cream tubs and the tray from your ready meal or meat.

Also, have you thought about the plastics in other areas of the house? The bathroom is full of plastic bottles, all of which can be recycled. And packaging from cleaning products, such as bleach bottles can also be recycled in your orange sack or estate bin.

Making a difference

Last year, Lambeth residents made a real difference by recycling at home and away. In fact, you recycled enough cans to power a television through 72 million episodes of Eastenders and recycled enough plastic bottles to produce a carpet that would cover Brockwell Park!

Thinking about recycling both at home and away not only saves money but helps keep Lambeth clean and green.

For more information about recycling, go to www.lambeth.gov.uk/recycling



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