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Hard-hitting poster campaign aims to eradicate abuse of vulnerable

A HARD-HITTING poster campaign which aims to encourage people to report abuse of vulnerable adults has been launched in Lambeth.

The series of black and white posters carry images of people in distress alongside the headline “If you suspect abuse, tell us” and tell the stories of people who suspect a friend, neighbour or relative is being abused.

The campaign has been launched by Lambeth Safeguarding Adult Partnership Board, a collaboration of partners, including Lambeth Council, the NHS and Lambeth police, working to protect vulnerable people from harm.

Jo Cleary, chair of Lambeth Safeguarding Adult Partnership Board, said: “Safeguarding adults is everyone’s business and these posters capture that message. People may have suspicions or concerns that someone they know, or someone they live close to is being mistreated. That abuse might involve money being stolen from them, the person being left alone for long periods of time, or being physically hurt. This is not just wrong, it’s criminal behaviour, and we want people to come forward and tell us. If they do, we can stop it.”

The messages on the posters describe some of the most common types of abuse experienced by older people and vulnerable adults (including people with physical and learning disabilities, and people with mental health issues), like theft, harassment, intimidation, threats and neglect.

The messages are:

“She is locked in her home all day – I can hear her crying”

“He boasts about taking the old lady’s pension so he can buy drinks for his friends”

“She uses his disability benefit to fund her social life”

“People come in and out of his flat day and night, I can hear his screams”

The posters will be displayed at libraries, leisure centres, GP surgeries and other public buildings and coincide with World Elder Abuse Day on June 15.

If people suspect someone is being abused, they can report it confidentially on 020 7926 555 or 101. In emergencies, dial 999. For more information about safeguarding adults, visit our website http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/adultabuse




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