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No more tyre-some problems for cyclists as Lambeth installs UK’s first permanent bike pump

Cyclists on one of London’s busiest cycle routes no longer have to worry about that deflating feeling of a flat tyre, after Lambeth Council installed a free permanent bicycle pump on Kennington Road.

It’s the first of its kind in London and has been specially designed to be durable enough to cope with hundreds of people a day pumping up their tyres, and withstand vandalism.

The pump, which is made from heavy duty stainless steel and has a built in pressure gauge, has been installed on the busy Kennington Road junction near the Imperial War Museum, which is used by hundreds of cyclists a day commuting in and out of central London.

It’s been designed by British company CyclehookUK.

Cllr Pete Robbins, Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services, said:

“We want to make cycling and safe and practical as possible, and that means getting the right infrastructure in place.

“More and more people are choosing to cycle either to work or for leisure. This new pump has already received some really positive feedback from cyclists and if it proves a successful we will look to install more in other parts of the borough. 

“Many cyclists, even regular ones, don’t realise how much easier and safer it is to cycle if your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.”

The pump is produced in the UK by Cyclehoop Ltd and designed by the company’s  managing director Anthony Lau.

It is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel with an armoured air hose along with a built in tyre pressure gauge. It is powered by hand so it does not require any external electrical power.

As part of the scheme, Anthony also designed the hoop-shaped bicycle stands installed next to the pump and these provide much needed cycle parking to the area.

Anthony Lau, Managing Director of Cyclehoop said:

“We are pleased to work with Lambeth Council on this innovative project. We want to create a beautiful yet functional piece of street furniture. As a regular cyclist I know how hard it is to find a pump when you have a puncture, now there is a convenient facility which will be well used by cyclists.’

Philip Loy from Lambeth Cyclists said:

“Lambeth Cyclists welcome the arrival of a new and innovative piece of ‘street furniture’. The bicycle pump is a great addition to the public realm to make cycling that much easier, and is a strong signal that cycling is an important aspect of transport in the borough of Lambeth. It’s also great that a young and innovative local company like Cyclehoop is able to supply the pump. We hope to see more of them in the future!”

Richard Ambler, Lambeth Council’s Cycle Programme Manager said:

“Most service infrastructure on our streets is for cars. Installing a service like this pump supports the image of cycling as an important and valid form of transport. Each cycle journey made has a positive impact on the economy so providing this service for free is a good investment.”




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