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Council acts on noisy bar that caused sleepless nights for residents

Neighbours who were plagued by noise and loud music from a bar have won a victory after action by Lambeth Council.

Residents living near The High Bar and Restaurant in High Parade, Streatham High Road, had to endure loud music and singing often in the early hours of the morning, after the premises opened at the end of September last year.

Eight local residents complained to Lambeth Council, and officers from the council’s noise enforcement team visited the premises on 15 separate occasions between September and January to assess the noise.

After a visit on the night of the 24th November where officers confirmed that music could be clearly heard in the bedroom of a neighbour, the council served the premises with ‘noise abatement notice’ which ordered the bar to stop the noise.

However the noise and complaints continued, and so the Noise enforcement team requested a review of the premises’ licence.

At a meeting of the council licensing sub-committee on the 4th April 2012 the committee agreed to suspend the premises licence for six weeks to allow the sound insulation to be checked, and to revoke the premises’ live and recorded music licence.

Ralph Lewars, Lambeth Council Enforcement Operations Manager, said: “Loud noise can make people’s lives a misery, and we will take firm action to deal with it when it occurs. People have a right to a decent night’s sleep, and licensed premises must ensure that they have proper soundproofing in place or keep the noise levels under control, and clearly this was not the case for these premises.

“Our noise team is here to respond to all complaints about noise nuisance, and if anyone is experiencing problems they should contact us straight away so we can investigate and take appropriate action.”

In total the council received 38 complaints about noise from the premises.

The council has a rapid response night service which operates Wednesday to Sunday 8pm to 4am. You can call the team on 020 7926 5999. Complaints will be dealt with confidentially and we will not disclose your identity or give your personal details to the person making the noise.

To report noise nuisance during normal daytime hours call 020 7926 9000.




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