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Do you know a fostering star?

Lambeth Council is looking for its ‘Foster Carer of the Year’.

Foster carers give a child a loving, safe and secure home at a time in their lives when they need some stability.

While we recognise the contribution of all our amazing foster parents, as part of Fostering Fortnight (May 14 – 27), we want to recognise a carer or fostering couple who deserves a special thank you.

Debbie Jones, Executive Director for Children and Young People’s Service at Lambeth Council, said: “All foster parents are special. They work with us to give children some stability during a difficult period in their lives when they cannot live with their own parents. This is a challenging role and takes some special qualities. This is our opportunity to recognise a special foster carer or fostering couple who has made a special difference.”

To nominate your ‘Foster Carer of the Year’, which can be an individual or a fostering couple tell us in no more than 150 words what makes your nominee or nominees special.

You can email your nomination entitled “Foster Carer of the Year” to Pmorris1@lambeth.gov.uk or write to ‘Foster Carer of the Year, Room B13, Lambeth town hall, Brixton, SW2 1RW. The closing date is 5pm on May 4.

There are only a few conditions. Your nomination must be a current foster carer working with Lambeth Council and been a foster carer for three years or more. The decision will be made by a judging panel of three people and their decision will be final. The winner will be announced during Fostering Fortnight.

We have many children in our care at Lambeth and they deserve the chance to grow up in a safe, loving and secure home.

At Lambeth, we are particularly in need of carers who can offer care for teenagers and young people who have been remanded to Lambeth by the courts. As well as carers for babies, children with a disability, and children who need a break from their natural parents (respite care). To reflect the diversity of the borough, we need people from a range of backgrounds, races, religions, languages, ethnicities, sexualities and genders.

If you would like to begin a conversation with us about fostering, call 020 7926 8710. Alternatively, see our website http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/fostering



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