Town Centre litter levels targeted as night time street sweeping patrols set to begin

Councillor Pete Robbins joins a street cleaning crew in Brixton Litter patrols are to be increased in town centres from the beginning of April after Lambeth Council put an extra £250,000 into keeping the borough clean this year.

Scheduled night time street sweeping rounds are to be reintroduced in Brixton, Streatham, Clapham and other town centres areas to tackle litter caused by people on a night out and ensure the streets are clean by the morning for commuters and shoppers.

The extra patrols will run four nights a week from Thursday to Sunday from 8pm to 6am, covering the peak times when people visit Lambeth’s restaurants, bars and clubs. The extra funding for the street cleaning budget was agreed as part of this year’s council budget setting.

Councillor Pete Robbins, who will be Lambeth’s new Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services, joined a street cleaning crew in Brixton on Wednesday.

He said: “Clean streets are a key priority for our residents and I want them to be able to feel pride in how their neighbourhood looks. Thanks to our residents recycling more we’ve saved more than £1 million in waste costs – which means we can invest in extra night time street cleaning.

“Local residents and the council are playing their part in keeping the streets clean, but it’s time that the night time businesses who generate this rubbish stepped up to the plate too. They should be looking to reduce the waste they generate and take responsibility for customers that litter – but if they don’t I’ll find ways to help them.

“Lambeth has made huge progress in the last few years on keeping neighbourhoods clean, and I’m determined not to lose that momentum even in the face of the government cutting our funding by almost a third. I’m looking forward to taking a hands-on role and working with local people and businesses to keep their areas clean and green.”



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