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Lambeth Council works to support the community and the police in tackling the recent serious violence

Lambeth Council is working closely with the local community and the police following a number of knife crimes and serious violent incidents in the south London over the last few days.

Police brought in a number of extra officers to reassure and protect the public, and to act as a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of committing further violence in the aftermath of these incidents.

Cllr Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council said

“It is awful to see a young person lose their life and we fully support the police in their work to address the violence that we have witnessed. We know that tackling issues around gangs is essential if we are to avoid more unnecessary injury and possible fatalities.

“We are working with local communities to address the issues that cause this violence. I know that many people will be worried about their own family and friends and if they are concerned about crime or safety in their area then they should get in touch with their local Safer Neighbourhoods team whose details can be found on the police website http://www.met.police.uk, or by calling them on 101. In an emergency they should always dial 999.”

“The immediate need is to get information about the incidents to the police. Beyond this we need to stop young people losing sight of their aspirations and give them real opportunities to get out of the cycle of violence that many of them find themselves in. This is about choice and my priority is to help young people make the right ones.”


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