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Wintry conditions in Lambeth

February has been very cold to date with large accumulations of snow falling over night. Snow showers are set to continue today but it should have clear by Monday. Over the coming days there will be a high risk of frost and ice on roads and pavements.

The council is prepared for this and we have 900 tonnes of grit available for gritting roads and pavements over the current cold snap.

Our gritting fleet is on call and ready to go and we are making sure all the priority routes are gritted before snowfall and after once the ice sets in. We make sure that gritting happens on our main routes, town centres and transport hubs. For more information see our gritting priorities page.

We are also getting on with gritting the footways. This will be undertaken, not only by our contractors Veolia, but by residents who signed up to the Snow Wardens scheme. This is the first time these community spirited Snow Wardens have done this. We have supplied them with a supply of grit, shovels, snow grips, high visibility vests and gloves. They will be focussing their gritting on local areas that are off the main transport routes. See more information about becoming a Snow Warden.

If you wish to clear snow yourself, or want to help a neighbour out we encourage you to do so. The following guidance has been provided from the Government’s ‘Snow Code’:

  • Start early as it is easier to clear fresh, loose snow and more difficult to clear compacted ice.
  • Do not use hot water. This will melt the snow and may replace it with black ice which will increase the risk of injury.
  • Be a good neighbour as some people may be unable to clear snow and ice from outside their property.
  • Do not block paths or drainage channels with the newly shoveled snow.
  • Clear the middle of the area first so that you have somewhere to walk on.
  • Spread table salt or dishwasher salt on to the cleared area to stop ice but avoid spreading salt on to plants or grass.
  • Pay particular attention to steps and steep gradients.
  • Remove the top layer of snow so that the sun melts the ice underneath, but cover up any remaining ice with salt so that it does not refreeze overnight.
  • If you do not have salt available use sand or ash and, if necessary, grit from our grit bins. However, if you do use the grit, please remember that it is a hazardous substance and you will be using it at your own risk. You should keep the grit away from your skin and eyes.

Furthermore, don’t let the fear of someone injuring themselves due to your efforts put you off. The ‘Snow Code’ reassures residents that you can help someone without fear of being sued. For more information on the ‘Snow Code’, please visit the Direct Gov website.

If you intend on travelling this weekend, read our tips on travelling in bad weather.

Read more about Lambeth’s winter maintenance programme..



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