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We’re becoming a cooperative council – help us make history

Residents are being invited to get involved in improving life for themselves and their community as part of Lambeth’s cooperative council plans.

Residents and staff have starred in a series of posters to help inspire people. The campaign involves real people and real stories from Green Community Champions to the Friends of Myatt’s Field Park.

Potential participants can also view the full range of cooperative council opportunities available to them at our revamped cooperative council website at www.lambeth.gov.uk/cooperativecouncil

  • Why not join in at Myatts Field Park where so much more has been achieved since local people and the council have worked together to improve the environment? In just a few years we have built a new playground, a thriving café and community greenhouses that provide training for local people.
  • Green fingered enthusiasts could consider becoming a ‘Green Community Champion’ in which volunteers from across the borough help and inspire their neighbourhoods to be more environmentally sustainable. Our Green Community Champions have made Lambeth even more colourful and clean by improving flower beds, clearing litter, building new fences, and caring for their environment.
  • Boost the Brixton economy and ‘shop local’ by using the Brixton Pound which supports local businesses by encouraging trade and production in Brixton.
  • Or how about becoming a ‘Community Snow Warden’ this winter? We are offering all our residents and communities the equipment and grit they need to make a difference in their local area by clearing snow and ice from residential streets while council staff concentrate on the main roads.

Lambeth Council Leader, Cllr Steve Reed, said: “These projects and activities are really good examples of what we mean by making Lambeth a Cooperative borough – helping residents who want to get more involved in helping their local community by giving them the tools to do so. These are just some of the plans we have in place to revolutionise local government as more and more residents come forward and help their communities to work together for everyone’s benefit.”

Charles Snead, Green Community Champion, said: “My neighbour and I decided to take the plunge and try to improve the flower beds near our block. We built a fence from old pallets, cleared out the rubbish and planted donated plants. I would urge everyone who cares about their local environment to try getting involved. Being a green community champion is about getting out there and doing something locally.”

Amaneuel Ghebrewold, owner of C@fe Brixton, Station Road, added: “We are always ready to participate in any scheme that can help the community to develop, and we believe Brixton Pound is one of them.”

Lambeth has led the country in exploring the cooperative approach to service delivery in recent years. The council has more tenant-managed housing estates than any other borough, and is transferring more buildings and services to community control than any other council. One notable example is the Old Lilian Baylis School site in Kennington which has been transferred to a new community organisation, the Black Prince Trust (BPT) which will invest over £2million in improving and extending community sports and arts facilities on the site.

Other community-led cooperative council pilots include the Lambeth Resource Centre, a day centre which provides services for people with disabilities and is already becoming employee-led and independent of the council. Youth Services will be put under the control of the communities that use them, potentially becoming a trust so local people can choose what activities will help their young people get the best start in life and keep out of trouble.

Community freshview brings together neighbours who want to clear up derelict land in their area and turn it into something useful like a playground or vegetable patch.

To find out how you can make a big difference visit www.lambeth.gov.uk/cooperativecouncil



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