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Young minds come together at Youth Crime Summit

Young people will come together to discuss how they can reduce crime at a Youth Crime Summit on 11th October 2011 at Lambeth Town Hall.

The borough’s Youth Mayor, David Oyedele, will be joined by young people to discuss a community-led approach to preventing serious violent crimes at Youth Council Crime Summit. Young people will look at how they can stand side-by-side with the local authority and police based on the council’s co op model in which citizens are empowered to shape and deliver council services. The Youth Crime Summit is part of a series of summits which have brought together more than 40 community groups, police, MPs, Lambeth councillors, and council officers, to debate the problem.

David said: “We can all play our part in making young people realise that there are alternatives out there to crime whatever their background and circumstance. And who else is better equipped or placed to get this message through to young people involved in criminal activity than their peers?

He added: “Lambeth Council has already discussed a number of measures which place the community at the heart of its vision for reducing serious violent crime, at a series of summits held at the Town Hall since June. Most young people know that talking, and not violence is the best way to influence change. I hope that many will come along to hear what Lambeth’s plans are and to get their views heard”.

The result was a strategy to tackle gun and knife crime which includes:

  • Putting the community in charge by setting up a community-led Youth Services Trust
  • Boosting the number of apprenticeships for young people
  • Employing mentors to coach young people at risk of getting involved in crime
  • Offering better support for parents who are struggling to control their children
  • Creating career links with businesses across London to get unemployed young people into work

The summit is being hosted by the Youth Council and Lambeth’s Young & Safe Team, and will follow immediately on from an open Youth Council Meeting, the objective of which is to broaden membership and participation of young people from Lambeth.

The meeting and summit will run from 4.30pm to 7.30pm at Lambeth Town Hall. It is ticket only and young people can book tickets or schools and youth centres can block book  on-line at http://www.yccs.eventbrite.com.



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