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Council to offer free grit to residents during cold weather under new ‘Snow Warden’ scheme

Lambeth Council is to hand out free grit and equipment this winter to community spirited people who want to register as a “snow warden” and clear snow and ice from their local neighbourhoods.

Anyone who wishes to help will be given free shovels, supplies of grit, hi-visibility jackets and health and safety training under the council’s new Snow Warden scheme.

Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability on Lambeth Council, explained: “Council gritter lorries and staff will still spread grit on all the main roads and footpaths as usual, but the idea is to give more power to make a difference in their local area, especially on quieter residential streets.

“This is a really good example of what we mean by making Lambeth a Cooperative borough – empowering residents who want to get more involved in helping their local community by giving them the tools to do so.”

“The council will deliver a supply of grit to the residents who have registered their interest before bad weather is due, so it is ready to be used as soon as the snow starts to settle. This will ensure that they will be ready to act quickly, particularly to help out older and vulnerable residents in their street.”

The council has existing winter maintenance plans that see council staff clear snow and ice quickly from main transport routes and pedestrian areas when winter weather arrives. The council’s winter gritting service will be operating as normal again this year, and the scheme will build on the service by enabling up to 300 Snow Wardens who want to volunteer and do more to help their neighbours.

The council will be offering the free grit and equipment to anyone who is willing to help out their neighbours by taking charge of clearing snow and organising the spreading of grit in their streets.

Lambeth has a priority system for clearing snow which means that when snow falls, staff concentrate on key transport routes. The Snow Warden scheme will not replace any gritting previously done by council staff. It will be in addition to the council’s normal winter service and will mean more of the borough’s roads are gritted.

To learn more about being a Snow Warden phone the council on 0207 926 0524, email SnowWardens@lambeth.gov.uk, or visit www.lambeth.gov.uk/snowwarden

Editors’ notes:

Lambeth has replenished its salt supplies from last year and is stockpiling 750 tonnes of grit this year to make sure the borough keeps moving in the event of more snow.

Council staff will again be using state of the art gritting vehicles this year to help keep the borough’s roads free from snow and ice.

The vehicles are fitted with special satellite tracking devices that allow council bosses to monitor much more precisely exactly where and when grit has been put on roads across the borough.

The tracking systems feed precise information back to a control centre about which roads have been visited and how often.




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