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Lambeth pupils shine in Sats results

More than three quarters of Lambeth children left primary school with a solid grasp of English, writing, and Maths.

The national curriculum Sats tests, which stand for Standard Assessment tests, show a child’s progress compared with other children of the same age across the country. This year’s results for Key Stage two Sats show 83 per cent of 11-year-olds reached the expected level (level 4) in English – an increase of one per cent from last year, and above the 81 per cent national average. In Maths pupils performed just as well with 83 per cent achieving level 4+ – an increase of two per cent from last year and an impressive three per cent above the national average.

Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Service, Cllr Pete Robbins said: “The vast majority of children across Lambeth who leave our primary schools are doing very well, and these results are a testament to their hard work and the professional skill of their teachers. Lambeth Council continues to aim for the highest standards of education across all its schools and we are absolutely delighted with this year’s results.”

He added: “The fact that more children are reaching the expected level in every subject compared to last year shows significant progress is being made in Lambeth. But we are determined to see these figures improve year-on-year and raise the standards even higher in reading, writing, and maths.”

The national, regional, and local authority figures for Key Stage two tests were published on Tuesday, August 2. Nationally, the percentage of 11-year-olds reaching the expected level in English, Maths, and Writing is above last year’s average, the Department for Education has revealed. A total of 554,000 11-year-olds across the country sat the tests in May.



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