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Council holds volunteering Speed Dating event

LAMBETH residents who have offered their support and ideas following the recent public disorder are being called to what’s being dubbed a ‘Volunteering Speed Dating’ event on Wed 17th August, 6 to 8pm, at the Town Hall.

Many people contacted Lambeth Council the morning after the looting in Brixton and Streatham to ask whether there was anything they could do to help. In response, the council is co-ordinating a volunteering Speed Dating event next Wednesday to capture the obvious willingness to get involved in the community.

It’s been designed for people who want to volunteer, to allow them to come and talk to like minded people, including those inspired by the recent community response to the London disturbances.

Cllr Rachel Heywood, Cabinet member for Communities on Lambeth Council, explains: “I want to thank all those who showed such tremendous spirit in helping Lambeth get back on its feet and hope as many people as possible can come to this event and turn this energy and goodwill into positive action in the weeks and months ahead.

“The spontaneous clean up demonstrated Lambeth’s community spirit – lots of people asked what they could do. We want to bring people together and offer practical ways they can help and provide opportunities to discuss local concerns. The willingness is there, it’s just about finding out how people want to be involved.

“While the last week has been an extraordinarily difficult one for London, the positive response of Londoners who turned out in force with brooms to help sweep up and get their community back on its feet has been inspiring.

“It would be a shame if the fantastic goodwill of the past few days gets lost as things return  to normal – far better that something positive could come out of it and help everyone in the long term.”

The event will take place at the Town Hall, 6-8pm.

Who is invited? Anyone who wants to volunteer in the borough – no matter what level of commitment they want to give

What will happen there? You can have as much of a role as you want on the day. Come

along to:

  • Meet people like you from across the borough
  • Talk to community organisations and groups needing further support
  • Get advice on how your skills can be used in Lambeth
  • Commit to volunteer or just talk to experts about the sort of thing you want to do
  • Get involved or be a wallflower, you can just listen to what’s being discussed
  • Celebrate what we have here in Lambeth

Cllr Heywood added: “I have been visiting businesses and residents affected by the disorder and have been really moved by their determination to carry on as normal. I even went out on a dawn raid with the police to see them bring to justice the tiny minority that wreaked so much havoc and was really impressed to see council office workers sweeping up. Everyone has been doing their bit, let’s keep the momentum going.”

Twitter and Facebook played a major role in coordinating the clean across London for example, #riotcleanup.

To get involved contact cooperativecouncil@lambeth.gov.uk or @lambeth_council on  twitter.

Venue: Assembly Rooms, Lambeth Town Hall
Time: 6-8pm
Date: Wednesday August 17 2011

Find out more: by following @lambeth_council on Twitter and on the Lambeth Council Facebook page. #lambethcleanup



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