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Joint statement from borough leaders

Brixton is a strong and united community that over recent years has benefited from strong community relations and sensitive policing.

The vandalism and looting by a tiny minority in Brixton and Streatham has no place in our community and everyone we have spoken to has been united in their condemnation of this behavior.

Our job now is to get the borough back to normal as quickly as possible so people can get on with their lives. The community in Lambeth is strong and resilient and these incidents will not damage that.

All three parties on Lambeth Council unequivocally condemn the mindless violence and looting we saw last night, and offer our support to the people and businesses that were affected.

Cllr Steve Reed, Leader of the Labour Group Lambeth Council.

Cllr Ashley Lumsden, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Lambeth Council.

Cllr John Whelan, Leader of the Conservative Group, Lambeth Council


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