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Lambeth rappers sing a song of census

A group of young rappers from Lambeth have been using their musical talent to promote this year’s census.

The trio, who are regulars at Clapham Park Resource Centre, produced a rap called “Census” as part of a borough-wide effort to promote the national population count to young people in Lambeth.

Friends Fabien Mathurin, 18, from Brixton; Matthew Ojo,13, from Clapham Park; and Alex Kacouite, 18, from Tulse Hill, all perform on the track, which is being shared on the social media website, You Tube.

After impressing a judging panel made up of peers and Census professionals, the group won the opportunity to go into a studio and record their rap professionally.

Jacqui McKenzie, community advisor to the 2011 Census for Lambeth and Croydon, said:

“The song is fantastic because the lyrics get right at the heart of the census message; it’s all about helping your community. Fabien, Matthew and Alex know that the 2011 census will have a massive impact on them and future generations, and their song illustrates that.”

Census Day was on March 27 however people can still complete their form and send it back by post, or to complete it online. In addition, more than 200 census collectors are now out and about in Lambeth collecting forms door-to-door.

The 2011 Census is very important. The population data from it is used by the Government to decide how to allocate funding to communities for important local services like schools, hospitals, healthcare and social care.

The information recorded on your census form will be kept confidential and is not used for any other purpose other than to compile a picture of the nation’s demographic, characteristics and habits.

The information collected in census is only used by the Government and will not affect any of your entitlements.

To hear the song, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wwunNYAQIc.

To find out more about the census, go to http://www.census.gov.uk.



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