Everyone asked to do their bit on recycling to save costs and keep borough clean and green

Recycling rates are set to steadily rise in Lambeth over the coming months the council is predicting as recycling is made compulsory in the borough for the first time.

Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinet Member for Environment on Lambeth Council, said:

‘’Thanks to the support of residents we have made great strides forward increasing recycling rates over the past few years, but we need to go even further in reducing the amount the borough throws away.

“Reducing waste and increasing recycling is not just about helping the environment, it’s about keeping costs down. The costs of disposing of waste nationally are rising and these changes should save the borough money that could be better spent on vital services. We need to save money but we also want a Lambeth that is greener and cleaner and by all working together we can make Lambeth an even better place to live.

“We are really grateful to the majority of residents who recycle week in week out, but we need to get tougher on the minority of residents that don’t recycle, because they are costing everyone else financially.”

More than seven in 10 Lambeth residents support compulsory recycling. The new policy, introduced this week, means that people who persistently refuse to recycle could face fines.

The plans are expected to save the council, and therefore residents, around £400,000 a year as well as increasing recycling levels to about 35 per cent, up from 27 per cent currently. The policy is designed to make sure that everyone does their bit, helping to reduce costs and the borough’s impact on the environment.

Cllr Campbell added:

“Compulsory recycling is absolutely not about ‘catching people out’ and people won’t be fined for simply making the odd honest mistake. Our waste crews are keen to help and will be giving advice on what residents’ need to do if there’s something they don’t understand. People will be given a number of very clear cautions well before it gets to the stage of fines.“


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