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National Offer Day

National Offer Day has seen 83 per cent of Lambeth Children receive a place at one of their top three preferred secondary schools.

Figures released by the Pan-London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme show 92 per cent of Lambeth children received a place at one of their six preferred schools. Lambeth received a total of 2421 on time applications which is 23 less than last year and seen a two per cent increase on the number of online applications. The remaining eight per cent of parents who have not received an offer have been allocated a place or will be advised of their options.

Lambeth’s figures compare favourably to most Inner London boroughs and are just below the London average for parents who received one of their top three preferred schools.

Cllr Pete Robbins, Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services, said: “Lambeth schools are very popular and the demand for places is a testimony to our continued improvements in education which this year saw Lambeth’s GCSE results among the most improved in the country.

He added: “Lambeth’s dense population means there is always a lot of movement across local authority boundaries. This is reflected in Lambeth’s statistics. These figures show overall demand for secondary school places is being met in Lambeth and we have plans in place to expand secondary schools to cope with future demand.”



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